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Audio Visual


Through the design and installation of audio visual systems for corporate, museum and entertainment venues, Sarner have excelled to become a leading international AV systems company.

Affordable and sustainable, our audio visual solutions cover a broad range of services from concept to project completion. Sarner's strength lies in our blend of specialist creative and practical engineering skills, along with our passion for professional excellence. 

With a bewildering array of equipment available on today's market, our multidisciplinary knowledge also allows us consult our clients in the best solution for their audio visual project. 

This up-to-date expertise in the relevant technology and our extensive experience in the installation of audio-visual systems of all sizes and applications, ensures a comprehensive quality service with complete customer satisfaction.

Sarner is highly experienced in designing and installing dependable and affordable audio-visual systems. Our expert AV installations are tailored to the clients' requirements with many of our systems specially designed to offer unique solutions to very specific challenges.

Sarner specialists work closely with our clients as well as architects, designers, specifiers and manufacturers to make sure that the system provided meets and exceeds expectations.

Each venture that Sarner undertakes is done so with a flair for the creative, an eye for technical design and always in the pursuit of excellence.

We strongly believe in real 'customer care', making sure our client comes first. It's how we've been able to develop strong relationships with many of our clients over the years, and it's how we hope to work with you to achieve your organisation's vision. 


Sarner's Audio Visual Engineer working on the design and installation of visitor attraction Ocean Express in Hong Kong
Sarner's Sound Engineers producing the creative audio for an immersive AV experience
One of Sarner International's Audio Visual Engineers soldering a circuit board