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The first ever immersive Doctor Who experience invites visitors to step through a crack in time and become part of their very own adventure across time and space.

A ground-breaking BBC Worldwide visitor attraction, The Doctor Who Experience initially opened at London’s Olympia before relocating to the new home of the Doctor in the city of Cardiff.

The Doctor Who Experience was conceived and constructed by Sarner and features powerful production sequences along with spectacular set design and the very latest in AV technology and special effects for an out-of-this-world exhibition.

The concept of this attraction was comprised of two elements – an immersive timed dark walk show and a freeflow exhibition. The immersive show put the visitor at the heart of the action in their very own Doctor Who episode where they encountered some of the best-loved and scariest monsters from the cult BBC TV series, with a spectacular 3D sequence finale. The show design by the Sarner creative team, was devised with input from Steven Moffat, the TV show’s head writer and executive producer. Following the show, visitors enter a freeflow exhibition featuring interactive areas, static displays and some never-before-seen memorabilia from the TV show, including two iconic TARDIS sets from the Tenth Doctor incarnation (David Tennant) and the Fifth (Peter Davison).

Philip Murphy, Managing Director at BBC Worldwide Live Events, commented on how fans’ opinions of what the attraction should be influenced Sarner’s design of the Doctor Who Experience, “Our research with fans told us the thing they wanted most of all was the chance to step inside the TARDIS and experience the thrill of the TV show for themselves. Sarner took all of the fans’ comments on board and promised us an amazing visitor attraction. The final build has far exceeded our expectations.” Murphy added, “if the fans think they’re coming to see a traditional exhibition they’re in for a surprise. We believe that this will be the journey of a lifetime for children of all ages who have always dreamt of being a part of the Doctor Who adventure.”


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