Argo Cable Car is a sightseeing attraction located on Anuria Mountain in Batumi, Georgia, 250 metres above sea level. The complex offers spectacular views of the town, the Black Sea and the surrounding mountains. Sarner was asked to enhance this already popular attraction by transforming the station terminal into a compelling destination in its own right.

Batumi, Georgia
Story, Research & Interpretation - Opportunity Assessment - Visitor analysis - Branding & Marketing - Concept Design & Visualisation - Masterplanning - Writing & Content Development - Media & Film Production - Graphics - Art Direction

Client's brief

The Client approached Sarner to help enhance the existing attraction with a more focused strategy and consolidated offering. Sarner's brief was to create a more cohesive experience giving visitors a reason to stay longer and share their impressions on social channels.


Our solution

Sarner's proposal aims to transform the existing experience into a more emotive journey. Pivotal to this approach is the idea of creating a stronger connection to the space, which is achieved through enhanced visibility, clear branding and a more cohesive visitor journey, both inside and outside the stations. Central to the attraction revamp is the educational focus of some of its features. Visitors will be presented with key aspects of Batumi's history and the epics of the Argonauts, with the experience culminating in an immersive 180 degree cinematic show.


Main entrance

Strong Branding

Argo's identity has been overhauled. We have retained the name, which carries a great wealth of history and depth. However we have redefined the visual approach, choosing font, colour and imagery that convey a sense of strong, confident identity. New visual assets are used throughout the space, helping visitors locate the attraction and assisting with wayfinding. By adding a strong brand identity the experience feels more connected and cohesive.
Cable car entrance
Viewing platform
Outdoor viewing area
Skybar restaurant

Visitor Journey

From the moment the visitors exit the cablecar their journey is built upon with branding. We have strengthened the sense of place, while rationalising the use of existing architectural resources to create an attractive offering for all target visitor groups. We have proposed simplified circulation and envisaged interiors with a sense of warmth and clarity to encourage both dwelling and exploration within the building. Visitors get to soak up spectacular views from the panoramic viewing platform and the outdoor viewing area. The proposal also incorporates retail opportunities, outdoor playpark areas, a corporate function venue, and an incredible skybar and restaurant with breathtaking views in this unique location.
Ames room
180 degree immersive cinematic experience

Experiential Approach

We have proposed a paradigm shift, from exploiting the existing infrastructure and landscape, to an experience within the station terminal that is emotionally engaging and memorable in its own right. Younger visitors are treated to dedicated entertainment areas, as well as a series of simple yet engaging photo opportunities like an Ames room experience. Visitor experience culminates in a 180 degree immersive educational cinematic show that transports the visitor into the history and destination that is Batumi and its association with the Argonauts.