Services Process


Our strategic consultancy focuses on all the important upfront work to guarantee successful delivery of your vision. Our designers have limitless imagination, yet we also understand that successful design begins with a realistic grasp of each project's unique constraints. With decades of experience in entertainment and leisure we have a deep understanding of the existing market and future trends, so we can provide the guidance and expertise required to turn your dreams into destinations.

  • Story, Research & Interpretation
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Market and Competitor Research
  • Visitor analysis
  • Business Plan Development
  • Branding & Marketing


We take an integrated approach, creating designs that will inspire your audience. Our designers combine skills across disciplines to conjure exceptional immersive environments that bring ideas to life. Imagination and technical know-how keep us at the forefront, producing innovative solutions that ensure your attraction is always a step ahead of the competition. The creativity we bring to every project is complemented by a sound appreciation of the commercial realities our clients work with. Our designs have a proven track record of boosting visitor numbers for our clients around the world.

  • Concept Design & Visualisation
  • Architectural & MEP Coordination
  • Masterplanning
  • Scheme & Detailed Design
  • Project Engineering & Technical Design
  • Interior Design, Set and Staging Design
  • Lighting, Audio, Video, Network Design


Our creative and technical teams work together to bring your stories to life. We have a combined skillset that is rare among our peers. We are able to combine our design consultancy with engineering experience in audio-visual technology and show production to develop solutions that truly work. Powerful, appropriate and effective content is at the heart of every successful project. Our talented film-makers, writers, artists, AV engineers and fabricators will work with you and your narrative to produce content that captures guests’ imaginations through vivid storytelling.

  • Writing & Content Development
  • Media & Film Production
  • Audiovisual & Interactive Technologies
  • Graphics
  • Lighting
  • Theming
  • Languages & Multinational Support
  • AR / VR


We believe in attractions that are built to last. We are committed to achieving high standards with agreed budgets. Our outstanding team and trusted contractors take great pride in the work they produce. We deliver a robust, reliable product on time, every time. We always ensure your vision becomes a reality – never losing sight of the original intent even while adapting to evolving requirements.

  • Tender Administration
  • Art Direction
  • Special effects, 4D Vibration, Movement & Smell
  • Programming
  • Construction & Installation


Our role doesn’t end on launch day. We’re there for you as the journey continues. The big day arrives and your attraction is ready to welcome visitors. We deliver a seamless handover strategy, provide staff training and as-built information. Once you’re up and running, we offer services and maintenance support, so you’re never alone.

  • Support & Maintenance
  • Ongoing Upgrades and Extensions
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Marketing & PR

Our process

From initial concept to opening day, our experienced team will be with you every step of the way, providing the guidance and expertise required to turn your vision into a successful destination.


Strategy & Brief

Sharing your vision

Good preparation is vital for any successful project. We work with you and your stakeholders to appraise the big idea, evaluate financial and operational constraints,  define criteria for success, develop a clear brief and plan strategically.


Concept Design

Your story – and how to tell it

We listen and learn fast - researching your stories, visiting your proposed location and getting to the heart of how you picture your attraction. As we brainstorm the ideas with you, our initial sketches evolve into visuals, drawings and content masterplans, showing you how your brief is coming alive.


Design Development

What will it look like?

With the concept, content and narrative agreed, we develop the design further with schematic plans, drawings, media briefs and content lists. We make sure everyone is on the same page, clear about the end result and what needs to be done to achieve it.


Technical Design

Refining the detail

We hone in on the particulars to produce all the detailed design and technical documentation. We manage the design approvals with you and your stakeholders, so you can sign-off with confidence. 



Making it real

Your project now enters the building phase. As your ideas take shape in reality, we remain committed to the design concept, the agreed build standards and budget constraints throughout construction.


Handover & Support

Cutting the ribbon... and beyond

The big day arrives and your attraction is ready to welcome visitors. We deliver a seamless handover strategy, provide staff training and as-built information. Once you’re up and running, we offer maintenance support, so you’re never alone.