Delta Leisure Resorts is a ground-breaking 300 hectare project for tourism and leisure, the first of its kind in Nigeria and indeed, West Africa. The resort experience offers year round appeal and a choice of recreational activities and pursuits from active to holistic. Split between two sites, the vast theme park, water park, entertainment and recreational facilities, and a world-class retail offering are located at a site in Warri, while the site in Asaba features a breath-taking animal reserve and wildlife park aimed at ecotourism.

Delta state, Nigeria
- Story, Research & Interpretation - Opportunity Assessment - Visitor analysis - Business Plan Development - Branding & Marketing - Concept Design & Visualisation - Architectural & MEP Coordination - Masterplanning - Scheme & Detailed Design - Project Engineering & Technical Design - Interior Design - Brand Development - Lighting, Audio, Video, Network Design - Set and Staging Design - Writing & Content Development

Client's brief

Delta Leisure Resorts was envisaged as a unique attraction for West Africa helping to draw visitors to the area from across Nigeria, the surrounding countries and beyond. The project was developed with support from Nigeria's government and aims to increase tourism while creating new job opportunities and helping with the development of the country’s infrastructure.

Our solution

The design is inspired by the spectacular landscapes of Nigeria, to celebrate African culture and wildlife in all its diversity and richness. One of the striking features of the resort is a dramatic waterfall, offering spectacular views across the leisure park from its highest point.

Delta Leisure Resorts offer something for every age group from the excitement of the Theme Parks, Water Park and Family Entertainment Centre, Animal Reserve and Marine Life Centre, to the sophisticated elegance of the Golf Course, Casino, Sports Centre, Spa and Restaurants, to the fascinating discoveries offered by the Crafts Village and Museum where visitors are able to find out about the traditions,  skills and history of the local area.

The theme park is anchored around the retail village that provides life and vibrancy to the resort. Radiating out of this central hub are the ‘petals’ of the theme park’s zones that are all but one based upon international themes, the other being based upon Nigeria itself and offers cultural interpretation of the country. The layout incorporates two distinctive hotels that reach out to a mix of diverse markets, complemented by a mix of amenity facilities unique to the design.