In July 2020, Google chose Sarner as the lead Design Firm to work closely with their world-class Experience Studio on one of their ground-breaking immersive Experience Centers. The goal of the project is to craft a space and show where technology and content intertwine to create a seamless, magical experience for visitors to Google in the real-world.

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- Story, Research & Interpretation - Visitor analysis - Branding & Marketing - Concept Design & Visualisation - Scheme & Detailed Design - Project Engineering & Technical Design - Interior Design, Set and Staging Design - Lighting, Audio, Video, Network Design - Writing & Content Development - Art Direction - Installation Supervision - Consultancy
'The Sarner team are fantastic partners for Google and Experience Studio: their client-first focus and extreme attention to detail have made this complex project a real pleasure. I particularly love the diverse set of voices and opinions they bring to the table - it's really impressive how they've been able to push our design thinking while still working with us to craft a space that's uniquely Google.'
Josh Jeffery Experience Design Lead for Google Experience Studio