A Sarner-designed immersive exhibition is bringing the story of the decommissioned nuclear powered icebreaker to life in Russia.

The project has reinforced the Lenin Icebreaker’s position as the main tourist attraction in the Kola region. What’s more, it has transformed it into a venue for science communication related to the Arctic region.

Murmansk, Russia
- Story, Research & Interpretation - Concept Design & Visualisation - Scheme & Detailed Design - Project Engineering & Technical Design - Interior Design, Set and Staging Design - Lighting, Audio, Video, Network Design - Writing & Content Development - Consultancy
Lenin Icebreaker

Client's brief

Sarner has a track record creating immersive experiences on board ships. We have designed and installed projects for the HMS Belfast in London and the FRAM ship in Norway. The Arctic Centre at University of Lapland approached Sarner to design an immersive exhibition for the decommissioned Lenin Icebreaker, shedding new light on life aboard the world’s first nuclear-powered icebreaker and highlighting intricacies of its operation and its historical significance.

Our solution

While boarding the ship is clearly an experience in itself, the multimedia exhibition adds new layers to the visitor experience. Touchscreen interfaces and modern technology bring the history of this historically important icebreaker vibrantly to life. Visitors learn about the construction process, the crew, the technology used and the missions it undertook.

The exhibition also gives visitors a sense of place with information about the Arctic flora and fauna, as well as the nature of the sea ice itself. An overview of ice-breaking operations in the Arctic also explains why they are still important today. There’s an in-depth look at nuclear ice-breaking technology with a special focus on the new icebreakers that are currently under construction.