Sarner utilised the latest virtual reality technology to showcase volleyball and beach volleyball at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, working with Fédération Internationale De Volleyball (FIVB). VIPs and special guests were invited to Volleyball House, a specially designed venue near the iconic Beach Volleyball Arena on Copacabana beach, to enjoy volleyball past and present by engaging and immersing themselves in the Virtual Reality Lounge.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Concept Design & Visualisation - Architectural & MEP Coordination - Scheme & Detailed Design - Project Engineering & Technical Design - Interior Design - Brand Development - Media & Film Production - Interactive Technologies - Graphics - Lighting - Audiovisual - Theming - Languages & Multinational Support - AR / VR - Art Direction

Client's brief

The brief from the FIVB was to bring the energy and beauty of volleyball to life by connecting the fans to the players.

Our solution

Sarner worked closely with the FIVB to create a brand new narrative-driven immersive attraction where visitors got to experience the sport in a completely unique way from perspectives usually only available to athletes and officials. Over one year, the Sarner team have been filming volleyball and beach volleyball at major FIVB events around the world to capture this exciting sport in ways that have never been done before. At the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, VIPs and special guests were invited into the Sarner-designed Virtual Reality Lounge where they got a chance to watch four specially produced cutting-edge films putting them right in the heart of the action using the latest in virtual reality technology.

'We have a great opportunity to turn volleyball into the number one family entertainment sport in the world but we have to be innovative and enable audiences to touch and connect with volleyball like never before. Sarner is helping us deliver on this objective.'
Dr Ary S. Graça President, Fédération Internationale De Volleyball