Who Am I? is an interactive exhibition at London’s Science Museum, designed to take a look into the key elements that make every single person on the planet unique. 

Sarner worked closely with museum design practice Casson Mann to create four hands-on and thought-provoking zones, encouraging visitors to explore what it means to be human through examination of physical appearance, the brain, DNA and gender. With a laboratory-inspired aesthetic, the gallery features interactive multimedia exhibits and games, intriguing objects and provocative artworks. Visitors discover what their voice sounds like as a member of the opposite sex, can morph their face to see what they’ll look like as they age, or collect DNA to catch a criminal. The exhibition invites visitors to reflect on the big questions that new techniques in science are raising and explore the characteristics that make humans such a successful species, such as personality, intelligence and language.

London, UK
- Project Engineering & Technical Design - Lighting, Audio, Video, Network Design - Interactive Technologies - Graphics - Lighting - Audiovisual - Programming - Construction & Installation - Support & Maintenance - Ongoing Upgrades and Extensions - Training
Design Week Award for Installations - Commendation
'The result is a gallery that feels both familiar and significantly different – and more beautiful than ever.'
Professor Tim Molloy Head of Creative Direction, Science Museum