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Sarner is transforming the F&B experience at the Bodmin Jail Hotel

Sarner is excited to announce that we have been appointed by the Bodmin Jail Hotel to develop and install an immersive projection show to add depth and narrative to the unique architecture of The Chapel Restaurant.

Original Chapel at the historic Bodmin Jail
In this photo  - Original Chapel at the historic Bodmin Jail

Located in the historic Bodmin Jail’s old chapel, The Chapel Restaurant at the Bodmin Jail Hotel combines gothic elegance with a unique sense of history to bring visitors an exquisite dining experience. 

Diners will soon be able to enjoy their meals beneath an enchanted ceiling. Not as a gimmicky add-on, but as part of the core site narrative, the immersive show will enhance and reinforce a unique, powerful sense of place.

For Sarner key consideration on this project is balance. Eating as a social activity should be supported, not hijacked.

To complement the elegant design of this high end restaurant, with its beautiful double-height vaulted ceilings and tall windows, our designers are currently working on a number of spectacular projection shows that will create the feeling that the room is being magically morphed into another space. 

The Sistine Chapel is the first theme being developed followed by a gothic theme with fan vaulting architecture, both referencing the original use of the space as the chapel. Additional themes are being developed to create an added incentive for repeat visitation and an element of surprise for guests staying at the hotel for several nights.

Dining is no longer simply a functional retail transaction – it becomes more of an event. A memorable F&B experience adds value to any visit. It’s clear to see the appeal for families, and kids of all ages, but it also offers the transformational power to reinvent the very nature of food and beverage spaces. 

By creating this talking-point experience as part of their F&B offering, the Bodmin Jail Hotel can not only drive greater footfall and revenue spend, but also communicate messages and their brand identity, and enhance the overall visitor experience.

A playful, thoughtful and magical backdrop to meals? It could be the best thing on the menu.