Ocean Express opened in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park as the world’s first, and only, themed funicular system which operates inside a tunnel within a theme park. Sarner's creative designs for the ride were inspired by sci-fi author, Jules Verne. Capable of seating up to 5,000 people per hour, the train ride simulates a magical underwater journey in a submarine. Creatures of the deep make surprising appearances along the way, turning this 4 minute trip into an adventure. The impressive ride has attracted 3 million visitors in its first 10 months of operation.

Hong Kong, China
- Project Engineering & Technical Design - Lighting, Audio, Video, Network Design - Interactive Technologies - Graphics - Lighting - Audiovisual - Programming - Construction & Installation - Training

Client's brief

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park situated in the Southern District of Hong Kong. It is the second largest theme park in Hong Kong, after Hong Kong Disneyland. Connecting the two sides of Ocean Park, the Ocean Express funicular ride carries passengers back and forth from the waterfront and the summit area of the theme park, which was previously served by cable cars alone. The brief from Ocean Park was for Sarner to bring the ride to life and the theme of the ocean works as a juxtaposition to the scenic views of the cable car ride. The key was to ensure that the magic of the day continued through every aspect of a visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong. 


Our solution

Designed to evoke a journey through a vast underwater world – in reality, the funicular train travels through a tunnel that is only one mile long – the attraction features a creative and technical installation by Sarner. Sarner made use of elaborate audiovisual technology, animation and surround audio effects to complement the underwater journey. Sarner’s imaginative and creative execution of visuals and technology makes this simple method of transportation more than just a way to travel around the park and leaves visitors wanting more.

'This underwater adventure is a valued addition at Ocean Park...Sarner’s creativity has enabled us to offer a truly unforgettable ride.'
Tom Mehrmann Chief Executive, Ocean Park