Originally published in 2001 and since translated into more than 20 languages, ‘Room on the Broom’, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, is a book that has captivated millions of children across the world. In the new spellbinding immersive adventure 'Room on the Broom - A Magical Journey', youngsters, and their parents, experience the much-loved story vividly brought to life as they walk through the pages of the book and encounter a series of interactive challenges.

Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey, UK
- Creative Development - Creative Consultancy - Lighting Design and Specification - Audiovisual Design and Specification - Special effects - Show Control Specification - Show Programming - Technical Installation and Commissioning
Park World Excellence Awards - Finalist (categories: Themed attraction of the year and Family ride of the year); AV Awards - Finalist (category: Themed Entertainment and Attractions project of the year); Inavation Awards - Finalist (category: Visitor Attraction)

Client's brief

A magical family-friendly walk-through attraction

‘Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey’ inherited the space of a previous attraction, ‘Hocus Pocus Hall’, inside an old mansion on site that has stood there for centuries. Key elements of the ‘Hocus Pocus Hall’ were so loved by guests that it was decided that they would be kept for the new attraction, which provided some unusual challenges to overcome. Merlin Entertainments turned to Sarner to undertake AV and show design, using its technical magic and a touch of spatial imagination to get the compact rooms within this historic building to work in a way that was both practical and maintained an element of immersion on a tight budget.

The brief was to to create a magical adventure where the story that is read to children is physically experienced, where families can play and learn together and take their time to enjoy their surroundings and interactive activities, whilst meeting the wonderful characters and creating that emotional connection.

Our solution

To bring a fantastical tale to life, we undertook creative and technical design, including the design, integration and programming of complex projection mapping, immersive multi-channel audio, theatrical lighting and surprise special effects such as scent, wind and fog/smoke, as well as full show control design featuring audience triggers, operator controls and automatic performance monitoring. The install took a total of three and a half months, completed on time and on budget. 

As one of Chessington World of Adventures’ most popular new attractions, ‘Room on the broom’ is visited by thousands of adults and children each day. 



A spellbinding adventure

Help the Witch as her hat, bow and wand are sent tumbling to the ground. Encounter Cat, Dog, Bird and Frog on your journey. Search high and low in the trees, fields and reeds to help find the lost belongings. Brave the Dragon, who fancies ‘Witch and chips’ for his tea!

The enchanted library

The 10-minute experience begins with a pre-show inside an enchanted library, where guests are told the story of Room on the Broom. As the Witch casts her spell, a cauldron bubbles and smokes before a secret passageway is revealed behind a bookcase. Guests follow the Witch through a rotating tunnel but the wind is blowing so wildly it blows off her hat.

The Dog

As families land in the forest, they meet the Dog who needs help to find the hat. Guests jump up and down and the hat falls from the tree. Guests again follow the Witch, who this time loses her bow.

The Bird

The bow is hidden in one of the haystacks and guests look to find it. A Bird flutters from a tree onto the broomstick with the Dog, Cat and Witch. In a whoosh, they are gone, but this time the Witch loses her wand in the wind!

The Frog

The wand has been eaten by a Frog! Everyone needs to work together to feed the Frog by touching the fireflies when they light up. Eventually, the Frog gets so full he burps and reveals the wand.

The Dragon

Families again follow the Witch, but the broom snaps under the weight of the Frog and everyone falls into a bog as the Witch flies off. Guests suddenly find themselves in front of a fire-breathing Dragon who is hungry for Witch and chips! They make it safely past the Dragon and meet the bog monster who frightens the Dragon into a mirror maze.


The final scene of the journey sees the Witch and all of the characters encountered in the attraction reunited around a cauldron. She casts a spell and an animatronic broomstick rises out of the cauldron. The characters all board the broom and, after a tap from the Witch, in a whoosh they are gone!
'Merlin Magic Making and Sarner joined forces and worked as a close-knit team to deliver an amazing attraction within a very challenging timescale. Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey is a fantastic interactive adventure the whole family can enjoy and Sarner played a vital role in making the most of all the technology in the attraction to create a truly unique experience.'
Michelle Hicks Project Manager - Resort Theme Parks, Merlin Magic Making